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  • Good news revenue outlook for 2018-19

    (Calif.) After more than a year of delay, Wall Street profit taking from the so-called Trump-bump will start to trickle into state coffers toward the end of this year and over much of fiscal year 2017-18, according to a report released Wednesday from the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst.

  • Labor tensions add to district fiscal woes

    UPDATED with correction. (Calif.) If it seems that labor strife in the Golden State is running higher than normal, it is.

  • October revenues almost flat

    (Calif.) October revenues closed just under expectations, now the second month in a row where tax income was flat, adding to the bafflement among experts about when Wall Street profits will swear state coffers.

  • September revenue comes up flat

    (Calif.) Just when it seemed that tax collections in California began to make sense, September closed with a surprisingly flat line with respect to personal income taxes.

  • Feds open pocketbook for charters

    (District of Columbia) Indiana officials want to expand an already robust ‘school choice’ program. In Texas, the plan is to replicate existing high-performing charter schools, and in New Mexico, charter operators and school districts will complete for grant funding in an effort to build 22 new charter schools over the next five years.