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  • Overcoming flash points of religious, ethnic studies

    (Md.) As school boards throughout the country come face to face with parents upset about lessons students receive on Islam, a national curriculum authority has issued guidance is calling on districts to include instruction on religion as part of the social studies curriculum regardless of the local circumstances.

  • Finding ways to extend benefits of costly pre-K services

    (N.J.) The inability of many students to retain the benefits of a high-quality pre-kindergarten program after only a few years has posed a significant public policy conundrum for decades.

  • State issues first-ever guidance on students with dyslexia

    (Calif.) For the first time, school leaders and classroom teachers will have state sanctioned guidance on how to identify students with dyslexia as well as how best to address their educational needs.

  • Early learners held-back may perform better through college

    (Mass.) In a departure from past studies that urge parents to start their children in school on time, new research suggests children who start kindergarten later than their birthdate might dictate perform better academically—beginning in  primary grades  through college.

  • Some states succeed in improving rural CTE

    (Md.) Despite the numerous challenges in offering high-quality career and technical education in rural communities, three states have made significant strides through strengthening local partnerships, according to a new report from an advocacy group supporting non-college bound students.