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  • Awareness still lags of SLDs and attention deficits

    Specific learning disabilities comprise close to 40 percent of students placed in special education, while one in five pupils in the overall population has an SLD, an attention deficit, or both. Still, misconceptions about these conditions abound.

  • Important points about end of year inventory

    Before summer break begins and your staff takes off for parts unknown, you will need to get an accounting of equipment and supplies. Federal rules require attention to particular procedures for a proper inventory.

  • Ten commandments for managing maintenance of effort

    Now that you’ve paid your taxes, it may be time to pay your dues as far as expenditures for Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Act is concerned. As it does every year at this time, maintenance of effort raises its formidable countenance.

  • Making Title IX protections proactive

    Recent actions by the U.S. Education Department Office of Civil Rights reaffirm the statutory responsibility of school districts to clearly and systematically communicate policies and complaint procedures to students and parents. Essentially, the OCR has asserted–very forcefully–that civil protections depend on proactivity.

  • Avoid the hidden hurdles in disability identification

    With kindergarten round-ups, tri-annuals, and the rush of third quarter initial referrals, spring is a kind of peak season for eligibility decisions. Being savvy about potential pitfalls will make for more accurate diagnoses and due diligence in finding students with disabilities.