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  • Grad rates for SWD still not good enough

    June is right around the corner and so is the end of another school year and perhaps for some of your students, the end of their K-12 career. As we have in the past at this time in the calendar, we’re taking a look at the issue of students with disabilities and graduation rates, since that is perhaps the most important indicator for not just academic success, but success in life.

  • Getting IDEA performance plans in shape

    Under the Individuals with Disabilities Act, each state is required to develop a six-year performance plan that evaluates how well schools are carrying out the mandates of federal law in serving students with disabilities.

  • Update: Homeless students and ESSA

    The month of March marks an important point in the school year, where teachers and students are preparing for the annual spring testing season. It is also a good time for managers of federal programs to look closely at one of the key subgroups that often struggle with academic performance: homeless students.

  • Delaying disproportionality rule makes no sense

    The ESEA Insider is generally a guidance column, but we will stretch the boundaries of our mission today and take up the Trump administration’s proposal to delay by two years the compliance date for meeting disproportionality standards.

  • Con Apps deadline fast approaching

    This month, most states require school districts to have submitted their Consolidated State Performance Reports, an annual update explaining how federal education funds are being used.