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  • Summer school–are you reaching those most in need?

    Summer session provides an opportunity for populations who tend to underperform during the school year to catch up with their peers, but the research shows that those with the most in need are the least likely to attend.

  • Statutory responsibility for oversight of charter schools

    It’s well known that the number of charter schools is expanding nationwide and our current U.S. Secretary of Education wants to see that trend continue. With that expansion the role of central office administrators in ensuring the rights of students with disabilities will remain critical.

  • Using federal funds to offset the summer slide

    Although an extended period without instruction may be refreshing for most students, it does nothing to improve academic gains, especially for those who are underperforming. It is not too late to tweak summer school to mitigate the effects of summer regression.

  • Bracing for possible cuts in Medicaid

    Absent full federal funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, one of the great boons for special education has been the ability to bill Medicaid for services that are medical in nature. Now those funds may be in jeopardy.

  • Leveraging charter initiatives to benefit all schools

    About the only area in education with increased funding in President Trump’s 2018 budget is support for charter schools and, moreover, it is the only part of his plan that is likely to make it through Congress relatively unscathed.