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  • Refusal: A large number of kids just say no to school

    (Md.) Having an anxiety disorder is like being stuck in that moment when you realized you’ve leaned back too far in your chair, but have not yet fallen.

  • Schools can boost attendance by improving mental health

    (Australia) Without treatment, Australian students with mental disorders such as depression or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often have poorer academic outcomes than their peers–largely due to the amount of school days they miss, according to a new report.

  • Cabinet Report merges with education non-profit

    In an effort to ensure the continued success of an important source of education news, Cabinet Report has joined the Attendance Institute, one of the nation’s leading advocates for improving student outcomes by eliminating chronic absenteeism.

    The move, effective January 1st, comes with a new name for the news service, K-12 Daily.

  • Rural teacher shortage solve could be in the making

    (Calif.) Developing partnerships between California State University campuses and rural community colleges to offer CSU-level teacher preparation programs at two-year institutions could be a potential solution to the state’s teacher shortage, officials said this week.

  • Educator misconduct caseload steadies

    (Calif.) After struggling many years with a big backlog of educator misconduct cases, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing reported this month that they are within the normal range of operations in terms of new cases and those being closed.