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  • LEAs can consider more than price in food service contracts

    (Calif.) New legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown will allow school cafeterias to donate leftover food to charity, resolve conflicts with federal law over food service contracts, and qualify nearly 400,000 more K-12 students for free and reduced-price meals.

  • Brown uses red ink to veto ed bills

    (Calif.) While Gov. Jerry Brown applied his signature to scores of bills impacting K-12 schools this fall, he also used the power of the veto to send others back—among them, a grant program aimed at improving reading skills among third graders.

  • Unions must adapt after Supreme Court ruling

    (Calif.) The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to deliver a major hit next year to the ability of public employee unions like the California Teachers Association to raise money, but that doesn’t mean unions will become obsolete, according to policy experts.

  • Districts lack community outreach authorizing charters

    (Calif.) Loopholes in state law allow school districts to authorize new charter schools outside district boundaries without any show of support from the community where the school will operate, according to a new state audit.

  • Expanded voucher program poses threat to LEAs

    (Wis.) Some of this state’s smallest and most rural school districts are likely to be burdened with the growing cost of an expanded voucher program approved by Wisconsin lawmakers in 2015, according to new research.