CTA backs Brown tax measure

Despite some concerns the governor's November tax proposal doesn't dedicate enough money to schools, the California Teachers Association's Council of Education voted Sunday to support the measure.

The action provides an enormous boost to Gov. Jerry Brown's efforts to clear the field of competitive tax measures aimed at the already-crowded fall ballot and offers the campaign a potentially big source of badly-needed campaign money.

In a statement posted on the CTA website, Dean Vogel, president of the 325,000-member CTA said the governor's plan to temporarily increase the state sales tax and the income taxes of the state's highest earners provided a balanced approach.

Educators know that California cannot continue to cut its way out of ongoing budget problems. We also know that not everyone in California is paying their fair share, and that's why we are supporting the governor's tax proposal, which taxes the wealthiest Californians in order to bring additional revenue to our schools, colleges and other essential public services," Vogel said.

"The governor's initiative is the only initiative that provides additional revenues for our classrooms and closes the state budget deficit, and guarantees local communities will receive funds to pay for the realignment of local health and public safety services that the Legislature approved last year."

The governor's plan has generated support among many voters, according to a poll released last week by the Public Policy Institute of California. The survey found 68 percent of likely voters support the plan.

As structured, the governor's budget plan is to provide $4.9 billion more in Proposition 98 spending next year, assuming his tax plan is approved.

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