Budget detail shows almost all districts returning to prerecession funding levels

Gov. Jerry Brown's finance department has released estimated payment amounts for districts based on the new education funding system adopted earlier this month by the Legislature as part of the 2013-14 state budget.

Under terms of what's being called a compromise" on Brown's Local Control Funding Formula, districts will receive an average of about $537 more per student than was proposed in May by the governor.

In addition, some 40 districts whose budgets would not have increased to pre-recession 2007-08 levels under the earlier proposal will receive economic recovery payments' to avoid them losing money under the plan.

"We're extremely pleased with the outcome," administration spokesman H. D. Palmer said. "The essential architecture of the governor's formula is maintained (base grant/supplemental grant/concentration grant), and the economic recovery target payments will ensure that almost every school district receives at least their pre-recession funding level, adjusted for inflation, once the formula is fully implemented."

Brown had initially proposed a formula in which districts would receive an equal, per-student base grant amount, as well as supplementary funds for every disadvantaged child - English learners, low-income students and foster children. Additional monies - known as concentration grants - would also be provided to districts with high concentrations of disadvantaged students.

As part of the compromise, however, lawmakers reduced funding for the supplemental grants, instead adding an extra $3 billion to the base funding to help most districts, especially those with low numbers of disadvantaged students, get back to pre-recession, 2007-08 budget levels. Cost-of-living increases are built into the formula, which is fully implemented over a period of eight years.

Districts also qualify for concentration grant funding if 55 percent or more of their students are disadvantaged. In the May proposal, the threshold was 50 percent, and the concentration factor was 35 percent of the base grant.

Under the plan approved by the Legislature, districts receive 50 percent of the base grant for every student above the 55 percent threshold.

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