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  • Preparing for transition is an important part of IDEA

    Individualized transition plans should be worked out far in advance but this time of year there are also a number of details that need attention to make sure the implementation of the ITPs go as smoothly as possible. Attention to those issues can mean the difference between success or disaster for a student in the next phase of his or her life.

  • Grad rates for SWD still not good enough

    June is right around the corner and so is the end of another school year and perhaps for some of your students, the end of their K-12 career. As we have in the past at this time in the calendar, we’re taking a look at the issue of students with disabilities and graduation rates, since that is perhaps the most important indicator for not just academic success, but success in life.

  • MOE and IDEA: Time grows short for adjustments

    Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Act generally requires local educational agencies to spend what was spent last year on students with disabilities regardless of vagaries of state, local and federal money a district might be provided.

  • Time to engage with private schools over Title I funds

    Early spring beckons the beginning of another baseball season, new growth in the garden and, with any luck, a new agreement over Title I funding with your districts’ private schools.

  • ESSA’s new spending report requirements

    One of the new requirements that Congress imposed on states with the passage of the Every Students Succeeds Act is to ensure spending transparency.