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  • Allowable costs for retirees, leases, and rents

    Particular care must be exercised when using federal program grants to cover retirement benefits, leases, and rents. Such expenses are allowable but there are well defined parameters.

  • Tracking time when blending funding

    One of the areas subject to error when documenting disbursements for consolidated funds in schoolwide programs is accounting for payroll variances. Like so many federal regulations, the rules are relatively simple, but procedures must be in place to be sure they are followed.

  • Consolidating funds–a few of the finer points

    The Every Student Succeeds Act provides for flexibility when it comes to mixing and matching revenue streams but, as is invariably the case with federal money, there are rules. To paraphrase Dirty Harry, a good administrator always knows the limitations.

  • Special ed regulations changed by ESSA

    With the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act, many administrative practices that have become standard will be modified or dramatically altered in the wake of its implementation. Many of these changes will be relevant to special educators.

  • OMG! The new OMB compliance supplement is out!

    Coinciding with the opening of the new school year, the Office of Management and Budget has issued its annual Single Audit Compliance Supplement that provides advice for adhering to spending restrictions, accounting, record keeping, and inventories for programs supported by federal funds.