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  • Assembly coalition builds around CTE funding plan

    (Calif.) In a counter to Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to shift some funding of the career technical training to community colleges, legislation pending in the Assembly would reinstate the existing matching fund program indefinitely.

  • SBE still defiant, but looking to compromise with Trump

    (Calif.) Still facing a potentially costly showdown with federal officials, the California State Board of Education expressed some optimism Wednesday that a compromise could be worked out over the state plan for complying with the Every Child Succeeds Act.

  • Lawmakers to tackle misuse of charter school funding

    (Ohio) Charter schools that inflate enrollment figures will have to return the funds to the districts the students were pulled from under an Ohio House Republican bill that moved to the state Senate Monday.

  • Oregon districts set to receive big state grant money

    (Ore.) Districts looking to get a share of some $170 million in new state support face a deadline at the end of this month to submit plans for addressing the needs of at-risk high school students.

  • Opinion: Arming teachers changes school climate

    (N.Y.) Overlooked by most mainstream media in the debate over whether or not to arm teachers is recognition that the question touches on intricate moral issues with far-reaching consequences for public students nationwide, a professor of educational ethics argued in a new position paper.